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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ok Beverly... I totally updated my blog with you in mind. I know it took a while. You have been buggin me about adding new stuff... so here you go and I hope you enjoy ot.

Family on Thanksgiving day...

This is Grandpa and Grandma! They are responsible for all this madness... Lol!
This is Sam and I {Obviously} with our 3 gorgeous =) boys! And I'm not responsible for anything ever!!! =)

Ok... did this kinda backwards... this pic and the next one should have been switched. But this is all the grandkids with single people married people and kids!!!

This is just the grandkids. Not grandkid by marriage, but birth... Lol! All 11 of us!!!

OK.... Wow this is everybody!!! Together at the same time. Although I am sad to say that my Aunt Nancy and all her family was not able to make it. So that is 5 people missing. But I will try to name everybody here just in case you don't know everyone. I will go from left to right staring on the bottom as row one.
Row one: Tiffany with Ryan, Natalie, Breanna, Janelle with Dallas, Celeste, Aunt Rhonda, Valerie, Aunt Danita and Uncle Damon
Row two: Little Randy with Baby Randy, Jonathan, Jennifer, Kim, Sam, Jacob and Uncle Randy
Row three: Carson, Jayden, Aunt Cindy, Lynette {my mommy... LOL} and Brandon
Row four:Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Arlin and Don {my daddy... LOL}