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Monday, January 17, 2011

What a day...
Today has been quite a day! With the passing of Bro Haney comes saddness and joy at the same time! It's sad because he was such a great example! A truely great man in every aspect! I've already missed him in church! Looking over to where he used to sit and him not bring there! Him not smiling at us and talking to the boys, making them like the only ones in the world! But then there is the joy of knowing where he is, and if we strive to do out best we'll be there with him some day! And knowing he's no longer in pain! He's been healed in the most amazing way possible! I'm gonna miss him and have already shed many tears!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ok already...
So ready for this sickness to leave! My baby has been really sick! That's the only thing I hate about the cold weather! I hope you all are doing good and don't catch this awful bug! On a better note: had awesome church tonight! Bro Mikael Berrier did a great job! It's always good when you know the annointing is there! God is awesome! He always knows what we need to hear!!!