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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My boys... my life!!!

They grow so fast! I can'r believe Brandon is 5 and starting school in September. Carson is 3 and Dallas is 21 months! My baby is almost 2!!! WOW!!!

My dad 50...

My dad's 50th!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Girls night out...

Ok so this kinda starts out with my mother in law. I know that sounds weird but it did. We lived with my in laws for about 2 1/2 months the end of 2008. My mother in law told me that I needed a break and a girls night out for some fun without the kids. While I totally agreed I knew I was getting ready to move and needed to focus on that! Well In early March Belinda and Karina asked if I wanted to have a night out with them and Estella. I said yes and that it sounded fun. So I call my mother in law the next day and ask her to babysit, she agrees to watch all 3 kids. I am so excited. So here comes my big day. I had decided that once I got back I would just stay at my mother in laws over night so I didn't have to get the boys up. I go to Belinda's house and we sit and talk waiting for Karina. We were suppose to meet at 7 and drive to Irvine where Estella was going to meet us. We wait and wait and wait. Finally at 7:30 Karina calls and says she broke down and her battery is dead. So we think all we need to do is jump her, but she thinks she's out of gas. She's in a kinda bad area so Eli goes with us. We try jumping her car and nothing, Eli runs and gets gas, still nothing. We sat and tried everything we could think of. Finally decide to call a tow truck. So at 10pm we decide to stay in Pomona nad eat at El Torito. So that was my BIG girls night out!!!

The Gimmies....

I think my whole family has the gimmies. Its sort of like a disease I think. But for some reason they only ask one person. Its mom!!! Mom I'm hungry, gimmie something to eat, mom I'm thirsty, gimmie something to drink, Mom I'm bored, gimmie something to do, Hey babe (when he calls me that I know he wants something)where's my socks, Babe did you make more tea, Babe did you wash uniforms, (its 10pm and he has to get up at 12:45am) Babe I need this that and the other! I'm telling you I need someone to give me a massage or something! LOL!!! Well I had a ladies night out... Post on that next!

One of those days...

Ok... It has been ome of those days, actually weeks and we are only on Tuesday. It kinda started Friday night. Celeste was suppose to come over and spemd the night cause Jacob was out of town. She said she had a youth service to go to on Friday night and would be here late. OK I thought, she'll be here by 11 or 12 at the latest. Well 12 comes and goes, Sam goes to work and I'm still waiting for her. She calls and says she's on her way and gets there at 12:55am. We stayed up and talked until nearly 4am. I had a bday party in San Clemente the next day and had to be up to get ready. Started falling asleep on the way home and drank a monster. Then had to be up early for Sunday School don't get a nap on Sunday's. By Sunday night after church I was ready to fall in bed. Monday morning I was up and its almost 9... the kids are still asleep and I think, WOW... It's gonna be a good day. The kids never sleep this late. Well needless to say they were trouble all day. They smashed play-doh in the carpet, got wet utside and came inside dripping, poured milk on the floor and a bunch of other stuff. Tuesday came along and it went kinda like Monday. Not quite as bad, but close. The good thing is they went to bed early... although I may be speaking to soon for that.


( Ok... I totally forgot that the last pic you upload goes first and so on. So these are backwards and I don't feel like fixing it)
This is at the end of the first day. They had no idea we had got a room with bunk beds. They were so excited!!!

Mommy and her boys!!!

Mater, Carson, Brandon and McQueen

Brandon was very mad at me for getting him on this ride. It was 70 degrees at 11:00am when we got on. His pants got wet and he was freezing all day!!! (or so he said)
We are on this one. Brandon in the orange hoodie and me to the right!

Winnie the Pooh's honey pots


I am so sorry its been sooooo long since I've been on! I have been a busy mommy. Trying to be really good about keeping everything DONE! With no laundry in the baskets (which I have figured is impossible). Trying to keep dishes done, floors swept and mopped and vacuuming. I tell ya its been busy busy busy. Then when I think I can do it in the evening I end up being too tired and justg fall in bed about the time Sam is getting up for work. Yuck! But now I figure the dishes are done and laundry is done (but not all folded). So the rest is waiting for me tomorrow!