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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brandon and Dallas...

I can't believe how much Brandon and Dallas look alike. You can guess which is who. Although you can probably guess right away. I juat think it's cool how much they resemble each other.
{In case you couldn't figure it out the left is Dallas and right is Brandon!}

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Somebody help me...

Ok... I really think I'm going to go insane. I don't know of anyone else with the same problems I have. But I have those couches that have the big pillows for the back cushions. My kids have this thing where they take down all the pillows and get blankets from anywhere... even if it means taking off the bedspreads and sheets. And I'm totally not kidding. They put them on the floor and pretend they're all kinds of things... from water to cars. I mean I guess its good that their having fun, but I get so mad I can't even tell you how it makes me feel. Then when I tell them to clean it up they just throw it on the bed and couch, then I have to go fix it. I've tried everything from time out to swatting them. But they don't care, they keep doing it. I HATE it! I wish I could make them stop!!! Anyone with a magic wand????


On Christmas day the boys kept asking me for cookies and brownies and stuff. I finally told that it was Christmas and probably the only day in their life when I would ever say this. I told them to eat whatever they wanted, but that they could not come crying to me later when the had a tummy ache. Well as you see there they are digging into a pan of brownies. And who knows what else they had. Well later that night Brandon was kinda whining that he didn't feel all that great. I told him he better be quiet or he was going to be in trouble. Well let me tell you, ever since then he is very careful not to eat too many sweets in one day. By the way Carson did not get sick because he didn't eat as much as Brandon did.

Really tired...

Well Brandon would not take a nap during the day. He refused to even lay down and read a book. It was evening time and I was trying to do a few things around the house before I went to bed. I have a wooden island type thing in my kitchen that I use for extra counter space. He took a pillow from the living room and went to sleep. I picked him up and took him to bed... although I was tempted to leave him there all night... LOL!!!


Ok... Thresa tagged me awhile back and has been waiting for me to post the book deal. Here it is.
I was told to grab the closest book to me. Go to page 56 type the fifth line and the next two to five lines that follow. Pick five people who love books and who receive the bookworm award with honor. But the last part I will not do because I don't know five people who have blogs!

So here I go...

I have to be the center of the universe and none of If in his mind coming home means there's and irritating hell out of him and you'll see that love reflected back.

Ok... I don't even know if I did that right. But I tried. And it's the book "Proper care and feeding of Marriage." By Dr. Laura Schlessinger. And I guess you know why I'm reading it! Don't worry, I've made sure Sam knows he's reading it when I'm done... LOL!!!


Ok... No we don't actually have worms... LOL!!! EEEEWWWWW!!!! As most of you know we just moved. Well the fact that I have a family and have to do all those duties. You know, the cleaning, cooking, laundry ect. Well the unpacking part has been going slow. Just the basics we needed to survive got unpacked and the rest has been getting done when I have a spare moment. Yeah right when is that? Well Saturday I decided that I was going to let the kids run wild and I was going to unpack boxes. I was in the garage and I was trying to get the boxes that we had tore down semi organized. I cleared a spot where they could fit. I started picking up the boxes and placing them in the spot. Then all the sudden this huge slimey worm came out of no where and was wiggiling and all that every where. I started screaming. The kids came running out and Brandon asked what was going on. I told him there was a big worm. Big boy that he is he says to wait until dad got home. So I covered it with a small box and when Sam got home I told him to go out in the gargae and pick up the box. When he did he flung the worm. He said what I don't see anything. I saw it on the shop vac. I said there it is, that worm was trying to get me. Sam thought that was hesterical. But I didn't, I wish I had taken a picture of it so all you girls could see how sick it was. Oh well I guess I'm the only girl and have to cause drama for the male kind... RIGHT???? LOL!!!

Head and shoulders knees and toes...

Ok... Well today {Sunday Feb. 8th} while we were getting ready for Sunday night church I heard one of the funniest things ever. For those who know Brenda Davis, we know she's hilarious. Well this is a story about her and Sunday school. Brandon just turned 5, and went to the next Sunday school class. The teachers are Dwyane and Brenda Davis. So we are getting ready for the PM service. Brandon says, "Look mom, Sis. Brenda showed me this today." He started singing head and shoulders knees and toes. But he didn't ever finish the song. So I said, "doesn't it end with "Clap your hands and praise Him"?" He said, "No, Sis Brenda says, "My bare lady." I said, "Are you sure its not "My fair lady"?" He said, "Nope, Sis Brenda says, "My bare lady." and that's what I have to say too!" So now I have a new way to sing that song! Wow the way kids interpret things! LOL!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Uncle Arlin Fun...

Uncle Arlin and Aunt Cindy posing for Brandon... LOL!!!
Brandon took this pic too. But Uncle Arlin kept getting in the pics and Brandon was saying stuff. So Uncle Arlin kept doing it to keep him going! LOL!!!

Nothing like a nice Christmas nap!!!

Pics Brandon took...

We bought Aunt Rhonda a screen cleaner that is an M & M! she loves the M & M characters!!!
Aaaawwwww.... Aunt Cindy and Valerie. Family LOVE!!!

Ok... Nobody sees that stack of cookies I'm holding. It's just an illusion. LOL!!! No I was handing them out... REALLY... I PROMISE!!!

Jenn being a little brat!!! What Jenn a brat??? Did I miss state that??? J/K!!!

Brandon actually took this pic of them two. Really cute!!!

Fun Fun Fun...

This is at the ladies Christmas dinner. We had a lot of fun. And my granny was there. Here for the first Christmas after two years. And Jenn felt left out of the pic Christina and I took. So we decided we better include her... LOL!!! J/K!!!


Christina being a mean friend... LOL!
Christian actually being nice... Can you believe that!?!?! LOL!!!

Meliss... she's such a good friend and person!!! Having fun at the ladies Christmas dinner!

Yikes what happen to me... lOl!!! Sarrah, myself and Katie at the ladies Christmas dinner!

Dad, Mom and Rick...

This is Sam's dad {for everyone who don't know} On Christmas day. He can not be serious... LOL!!!
Sam's mom! Exhausted from cooking and preparing!

This is Rick, a family friend. He lives in Oregon and was suppose to get a flight out but they had all been canceled due to weather. So he was with us on Christmas!!!

Emma and Taylor...

This is my niece and nephew. The only pics I have of them... thanks Shandell. Anyways... this is on Christmas day. Cute Cute Cute!!!

Brett and Shandell...

Ok this pic is for everyone that asks about Sam's sister. And for you Shandell cause I said I'd put this pic up!

Uncle John and Aunt Jan

For those who don't know... this is Sam's aunt and uncle. This is Christmas day! Awesome time. We're gonna miss you though!!! (Their moving)

Dad... Dishes???????

Ok... those are two words I didn't think went together! Lol!!! Well On Christmas dad made breakfast and did the dishes too! Wow mark it down!!!

Jenn gone cRaZy...

Sorry people... Jenn went crazy! She tried to chock herself and gained lots of weight!
We need to pray for her... LOL!!!
The real life of Jennifer Pierce!!!