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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SICKNESS... uuuggghhhh!!!

Well the flu bug or virus bug or something has hit our home. It has not been a pretty sight. Carson's asthma has not been doing to great. He has been coughing non-stop. He is doing the thing where he coughs so hard he throws up. And he doesn't quite make it to the bathroom either. I feel tired and worn out. It's awful. On lighter notes... So far Brandon is doing good in school. He is not causing trouble there just when he gets home. When I ask him how come he can be good at school but not here he says cause its too hard to be good for you mom. That really encouraged me let me tell you. God knows I need to be merciful... lol! But at least I don't have his teacher calling me saying how bad he is there. Then that would be like double trouble! So anyways... I guess that's enough rambling for one session! See ya'll later!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Well today has been quite a day. It was my bday and I don't like this getting older stuff. I am only 25 and some days feel 35. But I don't even know why I say that cause I don't even know what 35 feels like. I just feel older than 25 some days. I did have someone tell me awhile back that I looked 35. I had to take Brandon to the drs and they said his arm looks to be healing ok. they had talked about putting a new cast today but didn't cause the bone still wants to go in the wrong direction. But I have to take him back again next week. Craziness I tell you. So just keep him in your prayers. I did go to lunch with my mom and Kish. It was nice. Then came home did laundry took a nap (yes I said took a nap) Although not a very long one it was refreshing. Cooked dinner and did more laundry. My nieghbors came over and brought me some roses (I think they were from her garden cause they were those really pretty fresh looking ones.) and balloons. Very nice! Now I am just sitting on the computer rambling about nothing specific just to satisfy my friend (Thresa). I am going to try and prove that it is good for my mond to sit and type meaningless stuff to relieve my stress. LOL! I don't know how I will do that, but I will find a way! So I think I am off to bed now!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So I have been busy and my computer was acting up. It wouldn't let me upload pics for a few days and then I didn't try until today. I am trying to do better with this blog. But it seems Facebook, my family and house hold pretty much keep me busy. Since I last updated on here I broke my toe and my son broke his arm. That within a weeks time. Tomorrow is my bday and guess what I get to do. Take my son to the drs for more xrays and exams of his arm. I am not looking forward to that. He told us tonight on the way home from church that he had a headache in his nose and could not go to the drs tomorrow. But in his bedtime prayers he asked God to help him not be sacred and for it not to hurt. So he knows that ven if he has a headache in his nose (whatever that is) he has to go. So say a little prayer for us. I don't know why I am just rambling on for no one really ever reads this I don't think. But I have to clear my head out some how. This seemed like a good outlet right now. But I better be off to bed! So G'nite everyone!

And more pics

The donut game
No hands while eating...
Hanging the pinata
I think Jacob wanted to hit that really bad
Dallas' cake

More pics...

That cookie must be good Carson
Dallas had a lizard on his face...
My little pirate
Jonathan and Whitney
dallas and his binky

Fun pics...

I guess it's gonna be a long first day...
OK... LOL!!!
Girls want to have fun!
Dallas' 2nd bday
Randy and Dallas

Thursday, October 1, 2009


So I tried to upload some pics... But it had some error. Stupid computers. I will (hopefully) come back later and try again.


Ok Ok... So I know it has been forever since I have posted anything. What can I say? Life has been busy. Since my last post Brandon has started school, Dallas has turned two and Carson... Well he's just Carson. It seems as if since Brandon is gone he has tried to take his place. But he also thinks he's the dad. I find him "correcting" Dallas all the time. So in stead of coming to get me and tell if Dallas is into something he yells at him or smacks him, not good. So then they both end up in trouble. It's just a little crazy around here. My sanity is in great danger. I feel like I will explode some days... LOL! I am not made for this getting up early stuff either. I would rather stay up late and sleep in. I don't like getting up at 5:20A.M. It's a rough life... LOL! J/K!!! Oh well... such is life!!! That's all I have to say for now since the whole time I have been writing this my kids have been fighting and I have toys behind me now cause I keep taking them away. Never a boring moment... OK I do get bored...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My boys... my life!!!

They grow so fast! I can'r believe Brandon is 5 and starting school in September. Carson is 3 and Dallas is 21 months! My baby is almost 2!!! WOW!!!

My dad 50...

My dad's 50th!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Girls night out...

Ok so this kinda starts out with my mother in law. I know that sounds weird but it did. We lived with my in laws for about 2 1/2 months the end of 2008. My mother in law told me that I needed a break and a girls night out for some fun without the kids. While I totally agreed I knew I was getting ready to move and needed to focus on that! Well In early March Belinda and Karina asked if I wanted to have a night out with them and Estella. I said yes and that it sounded fun. So I call my mother in law the next day and ask her to babysit, she agrees to watch all 3 kids. I am so excited. So here comes my big day. I had decided that once I got back I would just stay at my mother in laws over night so I didn't have to get the boys up. I go to Belinda's house and we sit and talk waiting for Karina. We were suppose to meet at 7 and drive to Irvine where Estella was going to meet us. We wait and wait and wait. Finally at 7:30 Karina calls and says she broke down and her battery is dead. So we think all we need to do is jump her, but she thinks she's out of gas. She's in a kinda bad area so Eli goes with us. We try jumping her car and nothing, Eli runs and gets gas, still nothing. We sat and tried everything we could think of. Finally decide to call a tow truck. So at 10pm we decide to stay in Pomona nad eat at El Torito. So that was my BIG girls night out!!!

The Gimmies....

I think my whole family has the gimmies. Its sort of like a disease I think. But for some reason they only ask one person. Its mom!!! Mom I'm hungry, gimmie something to eat, mom I'm thirsty, gimmie something to drink, Mom I'm bored, gimmie something to do, Hey babe (when he calls me that I know he wants something)where's my socks, Babe did you make more tea, Babe did you wash uniforms, (its 10pm and he has to get up at 12:45am) Babe I need this that and the other! I'm telling you I need someone to give me a massage or something! LOL!!! Well I had a ladies night out... Post on that next!

One of those days...

Ok... It has been ome of those days, actually weeks and we are only on Tuesday. It kinda started Friday night. Celeste was suppose to come over and spemd the night cause Jacob was out of town. She said she had a youth service to go to on Friday night and would be here late. OK I thought, she'll be here by 11 or 12 at the latest. Well 12 comes and goes, Sam goes to work and I'm still waiting for her. She calls and says she's on her way and gets there at 12:55am. We stayed up and talked until nearly 4am. I had a bday party in San Clemente the next day and had to be up to get ready. Started falling asleep on the way home and drank a monster. Then had to be up early for Sunday School don't get a nap on Sunday's. By Sunday night after church I was ready to fall in bed. Monday morning I was up and its almost 9... the kids are still asleep and I think, WOW... It's gonna be a good day. The kids never sleep this late. Well needless to say they were trouble all day. They smashed play-doh in the carpet, got wet utside and came inside dripping, poured milk on the floor and a bunch of other stuff. Tuesday came along and it went kinda like Monday. Not quite as bad, but close. The good thing is they went to bed early... although I may be speaking to soon for that.


( Ok... I totally forgot that the last pic you upload goes first and so on. So these are backwards and I don't feel like fixing it)
This is at the end of the first day. They had no idea we had got a room with bunk beds. They were so excited!!!

Mommy and her boys!!!

Mater, Carson, Brandon and McQueen

Brandon was very mad at me for getting him on this ride. It was 70 degrees at 11:00am when we got on. His pants got wet and he was freezing all day!!! (or so he said)
We are on this one. Brandon in the orange hoodie and me to the right!

Winnie the Pooh's honey pots


I am so sorry its been sooooo long since I've been on! I have been a busy mommy. Trying to be really good about keeping everything DONE! With no laundry in the baskets (which I have figured is impossible). Trying to keep dishes done, floors swept and mopped and vacuuming. I tell ya its been busy busy busy. Then when I think I can do it in the evening I end up being too tired and justg fall in bed about the time Sam is getting up for work. Yuck! But now I figure the dishes are done and laundry is done (but not all folded). So the rest is waiting for me tomorrow!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brandon and Dallas...

I can't believe how much Brandon and Dallas look alike. You can guess which is who. Although you can probably guess right away. I juat think it's cool how much they resemble each other.
{In case you couldn't figure it out the left is Dallas and right is Brandon!}

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Somebody help me...

Ok... I really think I'm going to go insane. I don't know of anyone else with the same problems I have. But I have those couches that have the big pillows for the back cushions. My kids have this thing where they take down all the pillows and get blankets from anywhere... even if it means taking off the bedspreads and sheets. And I'm totally not kidding. They put them on the floor and pretend they're all kinds of things... from water to cars. I mean I guess its good that their having fun, but I get so mad I can't even tell you how it makes me feel. Then when I tell them to clean it up they just throw it on the bed and couch, then I have to go fix it. I've tried everything from time out to swatting them. But they don't care, they keep doing it. I HATE it! I wish I could make them stop!!! Anyone with a magic wand????


On Christmas day the boys kept asking me for cookies and brownies and stuff. I finally told that it was Christmas and probably the only day in their life when I would ever say this. I told them to eat whatever they wanted, but that they could not come crying to me later when the had a tummy ache. Well as you see there they are digging into a pan of brownies. And who knows what else they had. Well later that night Brandon was kinda whining that he didn't feel all that great. I told him he better be quiet or he was going to be in trouble. Well let me tell you, ever since then he is very careful not to eat too many sweets in one day. By the way Carson did not get sick because he didn't eat as much as Brandon did.

Really tired...

Well Brandon would not take a nap during the day. He refused to even lay down and read a book. It was evening time and I was trying to do a few things around the house before I went to bed. I have a wooden island type thing in my kitchen that I use for extra counter space. He took a pillow from the living room and went to sleep. I picked him up and took him to bed... although I was tempted to leave him there all night... LOL!!!


Ok... Thresa tagged me awhile back and has been waiting for me to post the book deal. Here it is.
I was told to grab the closest book to me. Go to page 56 type the fifth line and the next two to five lines that follow. Pick five people who love books and who receive the bookworm award with honor. But the last part I will not do because I don't know five people who have blogs!

So here I go...

I have to be the center of the universe and none of If in his mind coming home means there's and irritating hell out of him and you'll see that love reflected back.

Ok... I don't even know if I did that right. But I tried. And it's the book "Proper care and feeding of Marriage." By Dr. Laura Schlessinger. And I guess you know why I'm reading it! Don't worry, I've made sure Sam knows he's reading it when I'm done... LOL!!!


Ok... No we don't actually have worms... LOL!!! EEEEWWWWW!!!! As most of you know we just moved. Well the fact that I have a family and have to do all those duties. You know, the cleaning, cooking, laundry ect. Well the unpacking part has been going slow. Just the basics we needed to survive got unpacked and the rest has been getting done when I have a spare moment. Yeah right when is that? Well Saturday I decided that I was going to let the kids run wild and I was going to unpack boxes. I was in the garage and I was trying to get the boxes that we had tore down semi organized. I cleared a spot where they could fit. I started picking up the boxes and placing them in the spot. Then all the sudden this huge slimey worm came out of no where and was wiggiling and all that every where. I started screaming. The kids came running out and Brandon asked what was going on. I told him there was a big worm. Big boy that he is he says to wait until dad got home. So I covered it with a small box and when Sam got home I told him to go out in the gargae and pick up the box. When he did he flung the worm. He said what I don't see anything. I saw it on the shop vac. I said there it is, that worm was trying to get me. Sam thought that was hesterical. But I didn't, I wish I had taken a picture of it so all you girls could see how sick it was. Oh well I guess I'm the only girl and have to cause drama for the male kind... RIGHT???? LOL!!!

Head and shoulders knees and toes...

Ok... Well today {Sunday Feb. 8th} while we were getting ready for Sunday night church I heard one of the funniest things ever. For those who know Brenda Davis, we know she's hilarious. Well this is a story about her and Sunday school. Brandon just turned 5, and went to the next Sunday school class. The teachers are Dwyane and Brenda Davis. So we are getting ready for the PM service. Brandon says, "Look mom, Sis. Brenda showed me this today." He started singing head and shoulders knees and toes. But he didn't ever finish the song. So I said, "doesn't it end with "Clap your hands and praise Him"?" He said, "No, Sis Brenda says, "My bare lady." I said, "Are you sure its not "My fair lady"?" He said, "Nope, Sis Brenda says, "My bare lady." and that's what I have to say too!" So now I have a new way to sing that song! Wow the way kids interpret things! LOL!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Uncle Arlin Fun...

Uncle Arlin and Aunt Cindy posing for Brandon... LOL!!!
Brandon took this pic too. But Uncle Arlin kept getting in the pics and Brandon was saying stuff. So Uncle Arlin kept doing it to keep him going! LOL!!!

Nothing like a nice Christmas nap!!!

Pics Brandon took...

We bought Aunt Rhonda a screen cleaner that is an M & M! she loves the M & M characters!!!
Aaaawwwww.... Aunt Cindy and Valerie. Family LOVE!!!

Ok... Nobody sees that stack of cookies I'm holding. It's just an illusion. LOL!!! No I was handing them out... REALLY... I PROMISE!!!

Jenn being a little brat!!! What Jenn a brat??? Did I miss state that??? J/K!!!

Brandon actually took this pic of them two. Really cute!!!

Fun Fun Fun...

This is at the ladies Christmas dinner. We had a lot of fun. And my granny was there. Here for the first Christmas after two years. And Jenn felt left out of the pic Christina and I took. So we decided we better include her... LOL!!! J/K!!!


Christina being a mean friend... LOL!
Christian actually being nice... Can you believe that!?!?! LOL!!!

Meliss... she's such a good friend and person!!! Having fun at the ladies Christmas dinner!

Yikes what happen to me... lOl!!! Sarrah, myself and Katie at the ladies Christmas dinner!