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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Girls night out...

Ok so this kinda starts out with my mother in law. I know that sounds weird but it did. We lived with my in laws for about 2 1/2 months the end of 2008. My mother in law told me that I needed a break and a girls night out for some fun without the kids. While I totally agreed I knew I was getting ready to move and needed to focus on that! Well In early March Belinda and Karina asked if I wanted to have a night out with them and Estella. I said yes and that it sounded fun. So I call my mother in law the next day and ask her to babysit, she agrees to watch all 3 kids. I am so excited. So here comes my big day. I had decided that once I got back I would just stay at my mother in laws over night so I didn't have to get the boys up. I go to Belinda's house and we sit and talk waiting for Karina. We were suppose to meet at 7 and drive to Irvine where Estella was going to meet us. We wait and wait and wait. Finally at 7:30 Karina calls and says she broke down and her battery is dead. So we think all we need to do is jump her, but she thinks she's out of gas. She's in a kinda bad area so Eli goes with us. We try jumping her car and nothing, Eli runs and gets gas, still nothing. We sat and tried everything we could think of. Finally decide to call a tow truck. So at 10pm we decide to stay in Pomona nad eat at El Torito. So that was my BIG girls night out!!!