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Monday, October 19, 2009


Well today has been quite a day. It was my bday and I don't like this getting older stuff. I am only 25 and some days feel 35. But I don't even know why I say that cause I don't even know what 35 feels like. I just feel older than 25 some days. I did have someone tell me awhile back that I looked 35. I had to take Brandon to the drs and they said his arm looks to be healing ok. they had talked about putting a new cast today but didn't cause the bone still wants to go in the wrong direction. But I have to take him back again next week. Craziness I tell you. So just keep him in your prayers. I did go to lunch with my mom and Kish. It was nice. Then came home did laundry took a nap (yes I said took a nap) Although not a very long one it was refreshing. Cooked dinner and did more laundry. My nieghbors came over and brought me some roses (I think they were from her garden cause they were those really pretty fresh looking ones.) and balloons. Very nice! Now I am just sitting on the computer rambling about nothing specific just to satisfy my friend (Thresa). I am going to try and prove that it is good for my mond to sit and type meaningless stuff to relieve my stress. LOL! I don't know how I will do that, but I will find a way! So I think I am off to bed now!!!


Lozano Family said...

Yay! I am so proud of you. You know you have tons of stuff to write about with three kids, two dogs, two birds, a lizzard, oh, and Sam. Love ya.

Janelle said...

Actually at this point I have 3 kids, 3 dogs, 3 birds and 2 lizzards oh and Sam. I think I like 3...lol