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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SICKNESS... uuuggghhhh!!!

Well the flu bug or virus bug or something has hit our home. It has not been a pretty sight. Carson's asthma has not been doing to great. He has been coughing non-stop. He is doing the thing where he coughs so hard he throws up. And he doesn't quite make it to the bathroom either. I feel tired and worn out. It's awful. On lighter notes... So far Brandon is doing good in school. He is not causing trouble there just when he gets home. When I ask him how come he can be good at school but not here he says cause its too hard to be good for you mom. That really encouraged me let me tell you. God knows I need to be merciful... lol! But at least I don't have his teacher calling me saying how bad he is there. Then that would be like double trouble! So anyways... I guess that's enough rambling for one session! See ya'll later!