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Friday, February 12, 2010


OMW... So much has happened. I haven't had time to post on here at all. With all the birthdays holidays and whatever else has happened. I am suppose to be cleaning right now. I am so fed up with all that stuff. We had a small birthday party for my uncle Damon tonight at my moms. It was fun and went very well. I am just getting over a bunch of sickness stuff... AGAIN! Trying to get caught up on everything now seems so hard and over whelming. But I do need to get it done. Everyone is sleeping what better time to clean?? But what better time to have mommy time...lol!
I am so excited about Jacob and Celeste finding out what they are having. I have mixed emotions about that. I want them to have a boy cause that is what Jacob wants and its cool (I can't believe I am saying this) to have an older brother. But it would be nice to have a gitl. But then again they are gonna have more so maybe they can have this one a boy and then have 3 girls just like their aunt... hahaha pay backs...LOL!!!
Well I hope I keep up with this more. Facebook is so easy cause I don't even get on I just send stuff from my phone and that's it. On this blog I have to get on the computer and sit here and type. Not just on time waiting at a red light...lol! Oh well... I need help and a lot of it...!


Anonymous said...

Well, being one of the few that follow some blogs, I appreciate you updating! So glad everyone's over being sick! Just when I was feeling sorry for you, with sick kids, you were off to Knott's, so the sympathy didn't last long! Ha! We can't wait for you to be an Aunty either! Bev

Janelle said...

Ha Ha Ha... I didn't even know if we were gonna get to go to Knotts. But with pink eye happening 5 days prior most of the junk was gone.