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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ok... No we don't actually have worms... LOL!!! EEEEWWWWW!!!! As most of you know we just moved. Well the fact that I have a family and have to do all those duties. You know, the cleaning, cooking, laundry ect. Well the unpacking part has been going slow. Just the basics we needed to survive got unpacked and the rest has been getting done when I have a spare moment. Yeah right when is that? Well Saturday I decided that I was going to let the kids run wild and I was going to unpack boxes. I was in the garage and I was trying to get the boxes that we had tore down semi organized. I cleared a spot where they could fit. I started picking up the boxes and placing them in the spot. Then all the sudden this huge slimey worm came out of no where and was wiggiling and all that every where. I started screaming. The kids came running out and Brandon asked what was going on. I told him there was a big worm. Big boy that he is he says to wait until dad got home. So I covered it with a small box and when Sam got home I told him to go out in the gargae and pick up the box. When he did he flung the worm. He said what I don't see anything. I saw it on the shop vac. I said there it is, that worm was trying to get me. Sam thought that was hesterical. But I didn't, I wish I had taken a picture of it so all you girls could see how sick it was. Oh well I guess I'm the only girl and have to cause drama for the male kind... RIGHT???? LOL!!!