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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Head and shoulders knees and toes...

Ok... Well today {Sunday Feb. 8th} while we were getting ready for Sunday night church I heard one of the funniest things ever. For those who know Brenda Davis, we know she's hilarious. Well this is a story about her and Sunday school. Brandon just turned 5, and went to the next Sunday school class. The teachers are Dwyane and Brenda Davis. So we are getting ready for the PM service. Brandon says, "Look mom, Sis. Brenda showed me this today." He started singing head and shoulders knees and toes. But he didn't ever finish the song. So I said, "doesn't it end with "Clap your hands and praise Him"?" He said, "No, Sis Brenda says, "My bare lady." I said, "Are you sure its not "My fair lady"?" He said, "Nope, Sis Brenda says, "My bare lady." and that's what I have to say too!" So now I have a new way to sing that song! Wow the way kids interpret things! LOL!!!